Rachel’s Kissing Books!

My name is Rachel & I write kissing books.

Some people like romance novels. I love ’em. So I decided to write them, because, to paraphrase Toni Morrison, nobody was writing the books I wanted to read. I couldn’t find any rock-and-roll-themed rom-coms. There were no series that I knew of with feisty heroines, cinnamon-roll heroes, cute kids, and the occasional cat. So, I jumped in with both feet and started typing. I’m on Book 6 in a series of who-knows-how-many. It’s a field of dreams! With kissing!

Deville’s Greatest Hits

Books 1 through 4 focus on the legendary rock band, Deville, who would have provided the soundtrack to your life had they not been fictional. Each of the band members gets their own book, starting with Crimson, moving on to Cloe (Clover), Peter, and finally Graham, because he was getting kind of a raw deal, especially from Crimson. I’m nothing if not fair.

Sam and Scarlett

The OG Cute Couple, Sam and Scarlett make at least a cameo appearance in every one of my books. She’s an entertainment lawyer, he’s an accountant and together, they’re magical! Do you think you can handle Costco-sized levels of adorbs? Bluberry, The Cutest Cat on the Internet says yes!

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